Were-Woofs! Digital Edition (PDF)

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Were-Woofs! is a family friendly tabletop roleplaying game where you play as a dog with a job. A normal dog that is, you don't have thumbs.

Well sort of normal, you're a dog now but you used to be a human. One day you were simply a regular person with a job and then you woke up as a dog. 

You're not sure how this happened but you're certainly going to find out. Either that or you'll be chasing squirrels up trees; you are a dog now after all.

Explore your new world, bark at a postie, meet the mysterious Mew-Tants! and use your old human skills to find out what exactly is going on! Just remember that you don't have thumbs. 

Were-Woofs! is an A5, 24 page zine.