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Albion Tales is  a series of three fantasy adventure zines designed for use with Old School Essentials and other classic fantasy tabletop roleplaying games. Each of them is presented in a unique, foldable, riso-printed format and inspired by British history and mythology. 

This discounted bundle gets you all three adventures in both physical and digital (PDF) format.

All eyes have turned to the Isle of Glaslyn. Within her ragged, mist covered hills a bounty of wealth buried beneath the earth. Twisted veins of copper entwined with gold which have filled men's hearts with greed.  All have rushed to the isle with the promise of untold riches. 

The Isle of Glaslyn is a riso-printed, fold out, hexcrawl adventure fully compatible with Old School Essentials and other classic fantasy games. 

It's set on the eponymous isle, a land inspired by Welsh Mythology where riches galore await adventurers bold enough to claim them. It includes a fully illustrated hexmap, two illustrated dungeons and an intertwined adventure with two big surprises at the end. 

This is the perfect adventure to slot into an ongoing campaign or to run as a one shot for your group or at a convention where space is a premium.

Beware the Curse of Thraxford Castle my child. A curse of rotted flesh borne from The Bastard King's slaughter of his kin. As the dawn rises so do the dead, to danse macabre. Do not step within 1,000 paces of that accursed place lest ye suffer their fate.

Bastard King of Thraxford Castle is a macabre feudal adventure compatible with Old School Essentials and other fantasy tabletop roleplaying game systems.

Inspired by medieval British history, hammer horror cinema and old school D&D adventures such as The Lichway by Albie Fiore.

The adventure includes a fully detailed map of the entire settlement of Thraxford as well as the castle of the Bastard King himself.  It also includes gross new monsters, bizarrely sickening treasures and an entire settlement of the dead to overcome.

Will you survive or suffer the fate of the damned? 

You cannot touch their face and cannot touch their hair. Their voice sings in the wind of the valley and sobs at dawn.

Once a vast primordial sea creature, the God with No Name slept and was buried under the salt and silt as the earth dried around it in the land now known as Winford. As the Dwarves of Lumenor came to the mine centuries later so too did they unearth the slumbering giant and it’s formless shadow child. The purest and highly valuable salt lies here as temptation to any would would dare to venture so deep.  

The God With No Name includes a fully illustrated dungeon map of the Dwarven salt mines, a bizarre new monster to test your players and is all presented in a unique, fold out, riso printed format.

Content Warning: This module contains body horror and other mature content.

Risograph printed with soy based inks on 175gsm Colourplan recycled paper. 

Written by Panayiotis Lines

Art & Layout by Aled Lawlor

Published by Leyline Press