Andromeda Container Bundle

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This bundle contains the following

  • Andromeda Zine
  • Andromeda Digital Edition (PDF)
  • Andromeda Fluorescent Dice Set
  • Andromeda UV Torch
  • Hyperdrive Anomaly Digital Edition (PDF)


Andromeda is a Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG compatible module.

Inspired by classic sci-fi horror cinema the module plunges the players into the midst of a union dispute gone wrong, as symbiotic horrors are unleashed from deep within the bowels of the station. 

Andromeda station has gone dark, the former bustling shuttle hub for the local sector floats through space answering no hails. Only a repeating message beacon is to be heard. Are your crew brave (or foolhardy) enough to risk the dangers to claim the Company reward?

This is a third party product under license and not an official Mothership product.

Andromeda Fluorescent Green Dice Set

Custom resin cast die, with the Andromeda typeface using a fluorescent green pigment; so they glow under the UV torch in the same way as the module itself.

Comes in a pack of 2, including 1 x d10 and 1 x d00.

Andromeda UV Torch

Andromeda branded UV torch to use with your fluorescent module.

Requires 3x AAA batteries. (Batteries not included)

Hyperdrive Anomaly Digital Edition (PDF)

Hyperdrive Anomaly is a bizarre foray into a spaceship with a severely malfunctioning hyperdrive. This module comprises a d100 table of unnerving, bloody and mind bending hyperdrive effects and a keyed map of the Hyperdrive Ship itself.