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Rainmaker Adventure Module + Digital Edition (PDF)

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From the corpse of an atmospheric monitoring station, a trove of data revealing anomalous patterns breaking with local climatic conditions - a signature of the ancient art of cloudseeding.

For now, your discovery is secret. Across the broken land, clues to the source are scattered. If too much suspicion is raised, others will take up the hunt - water is life and water is wealth. Compelled, the rain will fall.

What will it find upon the earth?

Rainmaker is an Adventure Module by ENNIE Award winner Luke Gearing, designed for Salvage Union, a post-apocalyptic Mech tabletop RPG.


 A Salvage Union adventure that takes you on a journey across a forgotten
corner of the Oceanic Rim, designed to run for 10-15 sessions.
 Seven unique regions to explore each inhabited by a diverse cast of characters and factions, all driven by conflicting motives.
 Seven new Mech Chassis for Salvage Union, including demonic Automechs.
 Three new Bio-Titans, formidable and terrifying creatures that will challenge your party.
 Numerous additional Systems, Modules, and Pilot Equipment options to
enhance your Mechs and Pilots.

To play this Adventure Module, you'll need the Salvage Union Core Book, sold separately. 

You will receive a Digital Edition (PDF) sent to your e-mail address on purchase.