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Salvage Union Open Game Licence 1.0b

This licence is designed to enable and encourage third-party creators to freely develop, distribute and publish tabletop roleplaying game material for the tabletop roleplaying game Salvage Union, published by Leyline Press, without the need for royalty payments.

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License:
By exercising the Licensed Rights (defined below), you accept and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License ("Public License"). To the extent this Public License may be interpreted as a contract, you are granted the Licensed Rights in consideration of your acceptance of these terms and conditions, and Leyline Press grants you such rights in consideration of benefits Leyline Press receives from making the Licensed Material available under these terms and conditions.

  1. Licensed Rights: The rights granted to you under this Public Licence regarding the Salvage Union material and any associated trademarks, copyrights, or other intellectual property rights.

  2. Licensed Material: The artistic or literary work, databases, or other material to which Leyline Press has applied this Public License.

  3. Licensor: Leyline Press, the individual(s) or entity(ies) granting rights under this Public License.

  4. You: The individual or entity exercising the Licensed Rights under this Public License.

  5. Licensees: Individuals or entities who have been granted the rights to use the Licensed Material under this Public License by Leyline Press.

Licence Terms

Usage Rights:
Licensees are granted the right to create, publish and distribute derivative tabletop roleplaying game material for Salvage Union, utilising all rules, mechanics, lore, and other game content found within the Salvage Union Core Book, Salvage Union 1.5 Quickstart, and published adventure modules (including We Were Here First, False Flag, and Rainmaker). This usage is permitted in both physical and digital formats (PDF, ebook), as well as Virtual Tabletop ('VTT'.)

Licence Grant:
Subject to the terms and conditions of this Public License, Leyline Press grants you a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive licence to exercise the Licensed Rights in the Licensed Material. This includes the right to reproduce, publish, distribute and adapt the Licensed Material, subject to proper attribution.

Conditions of Use:
  • Licensees must adapt Salvage Union Material; direct copying of text is prohibited unless used in reference or in Virtual Tabletop Content.
  • Use of any art within all published Salvage Union material by Leyline Press is not permitted.
  • You may use stylistic elements of Salvage Union Material within third party works.
  • This licence does not grant permission for translations; licensees must contact for translation enquiries.
  • Use of Salvage Union Material by this licence does not constitute endorsement by Leyline Press.
  • Leyline Press retains all copyright, trademark, and intellectual property rights to Salvage Union and its associated material.

Virtual Tabletop Content

  • Licensees may directly copy text from Salvage Union Core Book, Salvage Union 1.5 Quickstart, as well as all published Adventure Modules, as per the 'Usage Rights' clause, for the purposes of creating Virtual Tabletop Content, included but not limited to content for Foundry VTT, Roll20, Owlbear, Alchemy and other Virtual Tabletop software.
  • Licensees who wish to use any of the art in Salvage Union for use in a 'VTT' must contact Leyline Press to discuss its use.
Required Legal Text:
  • Licensees must include the following legal text in their products: "Salvage Union is copyrighted by Leyline Press. Salvage Union and the “Powered by Salvage” logo are used with permission of Leyline Press, under the Salvage Union Open Game Licence 1.0b ." 
Legal Responsibility:
  • You agree to take legal responsibility for your product, including copyright or trademark infringement claims.
Right of Denial:
  • Leyline Press retains the right to deny use of this licence.
Free of Charge:
  • Use of the licence and “Powered by Salvage” logo is free of charge and royalty free.
Branding and Logos:
  • Licensees may not use Leyline Press or Salvage Union logos or branding, nor represent their products as official, first-party products published by Leyline Press.
  • Licensee may utilise 'Powered by Salvage' logos.
  • Licensees are free to distribute their derivative works in both physical and digital formats.(PDF, ebook) 
  • Works created under this license are royalty free, and the licensee retains all earnings from their sale and distribution. 
  • This licence exclusively permits the creation of tabletop roleplaying game books and materials utilising Salvage Union Material, as well a 'Virtual Tabletop' content. It does not extend to other forms of media, including but not limited to, film, TV, novels, comics, and video games.
  • Leyline Press reserves the right to update this licence. Licensees may choose to adopt new versions for their derivative works. Should the license be updated, works created under prior versions of this license will still be valid in perpetuity and not voided by new versions of the license. 
  • For any inquiries or further information, please contact

End of licence


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