Andromeda Digital Edition (PDF): Mothership Compatible Module

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Andromeda is a Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG compatible module.

Inspired by classic sci-fi horror cinema the module plunges the players into the midst of a union dispute gone wrong, as symbiotic horrors are unleashed from deep within the bowels of the station. 

Andromeda station has gone dark, the former bustling shuttle hub for the local sector floats through space answering no hails. Only a repeating message beacon is to be heard. Are your crew brave (or foolhardy) enough to risk the dangers to claim the Company reward?

This Digital Edition of Andromeda contains everything the Warden needs to run the adventure including an A3 map of the hub station as well as a set of illustrated and detailed NPC's. 

Delivered Digitally in PDF Format to your e-mail address upon ordering.

The module is fully compatible with Mothership 1st Edition. 

This is a third party product under license and not an official Mothership product