False Flag Adventure Module + Digital Edition (PDF)

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An inky black void sweeps across frozen lands, consuming everything in its path like a relentless tidal wave of nothingness. This phenomenon is known as the Vornaya Event, an anomaly that heralds the emergence of the Meld—an intelligent, otherworldly, nanite, hive entity.

Meld Nanites possess both danger and tremendous value. They serve as a conduit to unlock new realms of research, boasting the ability to mend and even reshape themselves into any conceivable form of technology.

Amidst the chaos, a Cold War ignites between DronTek and the Stefanus Corporation , each vying fiercely for control over the bountiful resource of Meld Nanites. The hardworking populace of Vornaya finds themselves ensnared in the crossfire, reduced to mere pawns in this escalating power struggle.

As seasoned Salvagers, you navigate a region immersed in the midst of this intense battle for supremacy—an environment ripe for an array of unsavoury tasks. However, as the smoke clears and the dust settles, will you still recognize the reflection staring back at you in the mirror?

False Flag is an Adventure Module by Aled Lawlor and Panayiotis Lines, designed for Salvage Union, a post-apocalyptic Mech Tabletop Roleplaying Game.

This Module contains a plethora of content including:

• An intricate Salvage Union adventure spanning 5 regions, detailing the Northern Wastes and Frozen Gulf, developed to run for 10-15 immersive gaming sessions and designed with multiple potential endings.
• An expansive sandbox environment, with dozens of jobs on offer, populated by three deeply detailed factions and numerous mercenary groups, all fiercely contending for supremacy.
• A cast of unique characters for players to interact with, all with their own goals and motivations.
• Rules for crafting Nanite-Tech and piloting Nanite-Mechs.
• 6 new Mech Chassis, including Nanite-Chassis.
• Fresh Systems, Modules, and Pilot Equipment—among them the new Nanite-Tech.

To play this Adventure Module, you'll need the Salvage Union Core Book, sold separately. 

You will receive a Digital Edition (PDF) sent to your e-mail address on purchase.