Salvage Union Beta Quickstart Digital Edition (PDF) V1.2

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Salvage Union is a post-apocalyptic Mech game powered by the Quest RPG that focuses on fast paced, narrative mech action with a simple and widely accessible rules set. 

Set on a post-apocalyptic world similar to earth, you play as a group of salvagers who live upon a huge Mech known as a Union Crawler. As you eke out survival by scouring the wastelands for salvage in your Mechs you’ll tackle the denizens of the wastes. These include bands of wastelander's, terrifying bio-mecha, alien constructs and the powerful Corpos who still own the vast majority of resources within the land.  

Salvage Union uses a core d20 system with a variable range of resolution and eschews the likes of character stats for a series of powerful and evocative Mech and Pilot abilities. As befitting a Mech game there’s a whole slew of customisation options to refit your Mech with salvage that you find in the wastelands. 

The Quickstart PDF includes

The core rules to play and run sessions of Salvage Union including the core mechanic, combat, heat and salvaging. 

  • 6 Premade Mechs 
  • 6 Premade Pilots 
  • A sample scenario ‘The Downing of the Atychos’ 
  • A sample of the Downtime and Crafting System within Salvage Union to modify your premade mechs and build your own Mechs including lots of tables.
  • Additional Weapons, Systems and Modules for your Mechs. 
  • Additional NPC mechs, pilot and creature profiles with some customisation options. 
  • A sample BIO-TITAN 
  • Guidance for The Mediator (GM) to create and run scenarios of their own.