Hyperdrive Anomaly Module for Mothership Digital Edition (PDF) - Free with any purchase of Andromeda

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Hyperdrive Anomaly is a bizarre foray into a spaceship with a severely malfunctioning hyperdrive. This module comprises a d100 table of unnerving, bloody and mind bending hyperdrive effects and a keyed map of the Hyperdrive Ship itself. 

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LayoutEric Alsandor | Spider00x

WritingLeyline Press

Art AssetsLeyline Press, E|00x

Map DesignLeyline Press, E|00x

Collaborative Work of 3pp Mothership Creators


Hyperdrive Anomaly is the first of three linked Mothership adventure modules. Each module is set on the same spaceship at vastly different eras in time as the malfunctioning hyperdrive of the ship causes untold mutations and bizarre quantum events upon its hull and those within its metallic prison.

The other two modules in the series are Hyperdrive: Degeneration followed by Hyperdrive: Haemorrhage.

Each module presents the ship at different eras with its layout warped and events upon it changed. Certain events can also teleport the ship back and forth in time or import elements from the later eras into the current era with the intent being the Warden can switch the modules and maps as fits. Likewise they can insert any of the modules into their campaign as a single entity or a series of linked adventures.

This is a third party product under license and not an official Mothership product