Horse Girl Digital Bundle

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The Horse Girl Digital Bundle includes the Horse Girl Digital Edition and Horse Girl Digital Card Deck to print and play at home.

Horse Girl Digital Edition (PDF)

Horse Girl is a solo GM-less journaling game in which you will document your surgical and mental transformation into a horse by the love of your life.

You are a woman in her late 20s. Life has not been kind to you, as much as you have tried to make things work. Your career was a mess, you were estranged from those who were supposed to love you, and you felt utterly lost in your life, not knowing who you were and what you were supposed to do.

But things changed when you met Him: a handsome, intelligent young doctor who came into your life and saw the light in you where everyone else saw emptiness.

Like you, He’s lived a lonely life. Deep beneath His confident personality and self-assured composure, you know that there’s a vulnerable, forlorn little boy who just wants to be loved. To love Him became your purpose. To truly live was to live with Him and for Him.

As time went on, you fell deeper in love as you grew further and further away from your friends and family - to the point where  they barely seemed to exist anymore. That’s okay though. No one’s ever made you feel the way He’s made you feel. With Him, you finally feel safe.

So when He offers you a room in His mansion where the both of you can live together in bliss for the rest of your lives, you say “Yes!” - even if the sole condition is that you’ll be surgically and mentally transformed into a horse.

An entirely new body and mind is such a small price to pay for a lifetime of peace and happiness, you think.

Dedicated to all those who have had their lives irreparably ruined by the choices they made while under sound mind.

The game was directly inspired by "The Wretched", by Chris Bissette, and by The Wretched & Alone SRD. The game was created using "How to Make a Wretched Game" by Litza.

Horse Girl Digital Card Deck

The Horse Girl Card Digital Card Deck is a, standard 52 card deck, printed with the Horse Girl cover art on the back of each card. The face of each card has unique prompts from the game printed upon them for ease of use whilst playing.  You can print and play this at home.