Foundations Digital Edition Card Deck Bundle

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The Foundations Digital Edition Bundle includes the Digital Editions of Foundations and the Foundations Digital Card Deck which you can print and play at home.


Foundations is a solo world-building and map making game, in which you will create a fantasy setting for use in your table top RPG campaigns and stories.  Designed to be system neutral, Foundations allows you to create a world for any fantasy or historically themed game as well as fiction.

Foundations is based around card based, storytelling prompts informed by real-world history, geography and anthropology to help create worlds which are unpredictable, unique and grounded in the natural world.  The decisions you make in the game will build on each other, gradually crafting an intertwined and fleshed out world based on your choices. 

At the end of a play through of the game you will have a detailed map of your world. You will also have an expansive chronicle of events, culture, history and people, built from the decisions and choices you make whilst playing. You can use this world in your tabletop roleplaying game campaign, whether 5e or any other fantasy system. You can also use it as a basis for fiction you want to tell within the world.

As a game master, or storyteller, you know that world-building can be one of the most time-consuming and challenging aspects of running a tabletop RPG or writing a story. But with "Foundations", you can create a fully-realised world and map in a fraction of the time!

Inspirations for Foundations include Microscope, Artefact, Delve and Lineage.

Foundations Digital Card Deck

The Foundations Digital Card Deck is designed to make playing Foundations easy and fun. You can print it at home or use it digitally. It includes a standard 52 card deck, with two bonus Joker cards. Each is printed with Foundations art on the back of each card. The face of each card has condensed prompts from the game printed upon them for ease of use whilst playing.