Leyline Press announces founding and the launch of OSE Module The Isle of Glaslyn

Posted by Panayiotis Lines on

Leyline Press has been founded as a London based independent tabletop game designer and publisher with a focus on bespoke tabletop roleplaying games.

We have formed as a collaboration between Panayiotis Lines (Shadow of Mogg -The Post Brexit RPG) and Aled Lawlor (Mew-Tants!) combining our artistic and design talents to create a range of tabletop roleplaying games and modules. As passionate tabletop hobbyists we aim to make games that we’d enjoy playing and running ourselves.

We’re launching with Isle of Glaslyn, the first in a series of planned adventure modules compatible with Old School Essentials and other classic fantasy retro clones. What we’re really proud of is the fold out design of the book.

On one side is player facing information such as a fully illustrated and keyed hex map as well as town map. On the other side is GM facing information, packed with useful info such as random monster tables, key NPC information potion tables and more all acting as a GM screen.

The module is inspired by classic D&D modules such as The Isle of Dread and The Horror on the Hill.

We’re further planning an exciting big release on Kickstarter by the end of the year of which new details will emerge soon as well as many more adventure modules in the interim.

You can purchase Isle of Glaslyn now via our website - www.leyline.press
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