Salvage Union Launches 01/12/2023

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We're excited to announce that Salvage Union launches on 01/12/2023

On the day you'll be able to pick up

• Salvage Union Special Edition
• Salvage Union Core Book
• False Flag Adventure Module
• We Were Here First Adventure Module
• Rainmaker Adventure Module
• Salvage Union d20 Dice Set

We'll also have bundle discounts, digital editions and more! 

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Read on to find out more about all of the above.

Salvage Union Core Book

Salvage Union is a post-apocalyptic mech tabletop roleplaying game. You play as Salvager Mech Pilots who scour the wasteland for salvage in scrap built mechs.

Set in a scarred world ruled by corporations whose denizens live in isolated
mega-settlements known as Arcos. The corpos control the vast majority of arable land and resources and have a constant hunger for power and control.

As Salvagers you have found a way to live your lives outside the bounds of corpo control, roaming the wastes in a vast mech known as a Union Crawler which houses your entire community. The scrap you haul back to your Union Crawler is used to support, sustain, and grow your community and craft new Mechs for you and your crew.

As you explore the wastelands for scrap you’ll encounter wastelanders, raiders, mutants, bio-titans, alien Meld, and corpo forces all fighting for survival in this hostile landscape. Will you salvage enough scrap for you and your community to survive in the wastes or fall prey to its dangers?

• All the rules you need to run and play the game for 3-6 players.
• A full scenario ‘The Downing of the Atychos’.
• A simple d20, variable, resolution mechanic powered by the Quest RPG.
• Rules to craft and customise your Mech from 30 different Mech Chassis and 150+ different Mech
Systems and Modules.
• Rules to create your Salvager Pilot from 6 Core Classes and 5 Hybrid Classes with 80+ different
abilities and 40+ pieces of Pilot Equipment to customise them with.
• A robust NPC list of Denizens of the Wastelands including 90+ unique Mech patterns, drones,
Bio-Titans, alien Meld, wastelanders, vehicles, mutant creatures, and more.
• Rules for creating your Union Crawler and upkeeping, customising and upgrading it during play
as well as creating NPC characters on board who form part of your community.
• Rules for salvaging and crafting with scrap you find in the wastelands during play.
• Advice for the Game Mediator on running Salvage Union, including tools for designing campaigns,
creating scenarios, and structuring sessions.
• Lore on the setting of Salvage Union and a huge range of gorgeous artwork of the world.

Salvage Union Special Edition

The Salvage Union Special Edition contains all of the same content as the Salvage Union Core Book. It has a gold embossed, cloth cover and comes with a dust jacket that has a handy reference sheet for play.

False Flag Adventure Module

An inky black void sweeps across frozen lands, consuming everything in its path like a relentless tidal wave of nothingness. This phenomenon is known as the Vornaya Event, an anomaly that heralds the emergence of the Meld—an intelligent, otherworldly, nanite, hive entity.

Meld Nanites possess both danger and tremendous value. They serve as a conduit to unlock new realms of research, boasting the ability to mend and even reshape themselves into any conceivable form of technology.

Amidst the chaos, a Cold War ignites between DronTek and the Stefanus Corporation, each vying fiercely for control over the bountiful resource of Meld Nanites. The hardworking populace of Vornaya finds themselves ensnared in the crossfire, reduced to mere pawns in this escalating power struggle.

As seasoned Salvagers, you navigate a region immersed in the midst of this intense battle for supremacy—an environment ripe for an array of unsavoury tasks. However, as the smoke clears and the dust settles, will you still recognize the reflection staring back at you in the mirror?

False Flag is an adventure Module for Salvage Union, by Panayiotis Lines and Aled Lawlor of Leyline Press. This Module contains a plethora of content, including:

• An intricate Salvage Union adventure spanning 5 regions, detailing the Northern
Wastes and Frozen Gulf, developed to run for 10-15 immersive gaming sessions
and designed with multiple potential endings.
• An expansive sandbox environment, with dozens of jobs on offer, populated by
three deeply detailed factions and numerous mercenary groups, all fiercely
contending for supremacy.
• A cast of unique characters for players to interact with, all with their own goals and
• Rules for crafting Nanite-Tech and piloting Nanite-Mechs.
• 6 new Mech Chassis, including Nanite-Chassis.
• Fresh Systems, Modules, and Pilot Equipment—among them the new Nanite-Tech.

Rainmaker Adventure Module

From the corpse of an atmospheric monitoring station, a trove of data revealing anomalous patterns breaking with local climatic conditions - a signature of the ancient art of cloudseeding. For now, your discovery is secret.
Across the broken land, clues to the source are scattered. If too much suspicion is raised, others will take up the hunt - water is life and water is wealth. Compelled, the rain will fall.

What will it find upon the earth?

Rainmaker is a Salvage Union Adventure Module by ENNIE Award winning author Luke Gearing.

• A Salvage Union adventure that takes you on a journey across a forgotten
corner of the Oceanic Rim, designed to run for 10-15 sessions.
• Seven unique regions to explore each inhabited by a diverse cast of characters and factions, all driven by conflicting motives.
• Seven new Mech Chassis for Salvage Union, including demonic Automechs.
• Three new Bio-Titans, formidable and terrifying creatures that will challenge your party.
• Numerous additional Systems, Modules, and Pilot Equipment options to
enhance your Mechs and Pilots.

We Were Here First! Adventure Module 

In the desolate wasteland known as Gehenna, an enigmatic phenomenon unfolds - the Chimerid meteor shower. each Chimerid meteor carries a resource of unprecedented power known as Chimerium, capable of reshaping organic matter and serving as a potent energy source. various factions including the relentless Trash Locusts, the ruthless Bolza Corporation, and the bizarre Chimerium Cult - have descended upon gehenna to lay claim to Chimerium for their own purposes.

"We Were Here First" is a Salvage Union Adventure Module by ENNIE award winner Diogo Noguiera,it offers an abundance of content, including:

» A Salvage Union adventure with 19 unique areas to explore, designed to
run for 10-15 sessions.
» 8 distinct and well-developed factions, all competing for power and
salvage in Gehenna.
» Rules for crafting and piloting monstrous Bio-Mechs.
» 5 new Mech Chassis for Salvage Union, including Bio-Chassis.
» 3 new Bio-Titans, formidable monstrosities to fight against.
» New Systems, Modules, and Pilot Equipment, including Bio-Tech.

Salvage Union d20 Dice Set

The Salvage Union Dice set is a set of five standard d20 dice. This includes four orange salvager dice, and one sky blue GM die. Each dice is embossed with the unique Salvage Union logo.

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