We Were Here First! Digital Edition (PDF)

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In the desolate wasteland known as gehenna, an enigmatic phenomenon unfolds — the chimerid meteor shower. Each chimerid meteor carries a resource of unprecedented power known as chimerium, capable of reshaping organic matter and serving as a potent energy source.

Factions, including the relentless trash locusts, the ruthless Bolza Corporation, and the bizarre Chimerium Cult, have descended upon Gehenna to lay claim to chimerium for their own purposes.

Your salvage crew has ventured into this hazardous zone, facing stiff competition, the risk of mutagenic exposure, and environmental threats.

Will your crew make it out alive?

"We Were Here First" is an adventure module by ENNIE award winner Diogo Nogueira, designed for "Salvage Union," a post-apocalyptic mech tabletop rpg.

It offers an abundance of content, including:

» A Salvage Union adventure with 19 unique areas to explore, designed to
run for 10-15 sessions.
» 8 distinct and well-developed factions, all competing for power and
salvage in Gehenna.
» Rules for crafting and piloting monstrous Bio-Mechs.
» 5 new Mech Chassis for Salvage Union, including Bio-Chassis.
» 3 new Bio-Titans, formidable monstrosities to fight against.
» New Systems, Modules, and Pilot Equipment including Bio-Tech.

To play this Adventure Module, you'll need the Salvage Union Core Book, sold separately. 

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