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The Salvage Union Digital bundle includes the Salvage Union Core Book Digital Edition and the Digital Editions of all three Salvage Union Adventure Modules False Flag, Rainmaker and We Were Here First! 

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Salvage Union Core Book 

Salvage Union is a post-apocalyptic mech tabletop roleplaying game. You play as salvager mech pilots who scour the wasteland for salvage in scrap built mechs. The Salvage Union Core Book is a 340 page, B5 book, that contains everything you need to run the game, as well as an introductory scenario 'The Downing of the Atychos. 

False Flag Adventure Module

False Flag is an Adventure Module by Aled Lawlor and Panayiotis Lines, designed  for Salvage Union. Set in the frozen Northern Wastes, following the 'Vornaya Event' that unleashed a plague of nanites upon the land. As salvagers you find yourself caught in a cold war between two corpos, Stefanus and DronTek, fighting over this precious resource. It contains new Mechs, Systems and Modules, including rules for Nanite Mechs.

Rainmaker Adventure Module 

Rainmaker is an Adventure Module by ENNIE Award winner Luke Gearing, designed for Salvage Union. It contains a Salvage Union adventure that takes you on a journey across a forgotten corner of the Oceanic Rim. As well as the adventure it contains new Mechs, Systems and Modules including rules for demonic Automechs.

We Were Here First Adventure Module 

"We Were Here First" is an adventure module by ENNIE award winner Diogo Nogueira, designed for Salvage Union. Set in the desolate wasteland known as Gehenna, your salvaging crew must compete with other factions in the region for the precious resource known as Chimerium. It includes new Mechs, Systems and Modules including rules for Bio-Mechs.