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Salvage Union Beta Quickstart Digital Edition (PDF) V1.5

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Salvage Union is live! You can purchase the full game here. (

You can also join the Salvage Union Discord here where we are running games!

Salvage Union is a post-apocalyptic Mech game powered by the Quest RPG that focuses on fast paced, narrative mech action with a simple and easy to learn rules set.

Set in a crumbling world similar to earth, you play as a group of salvagers who live upon a huge Mech known as a Union Crawler which houses your entire community. As you eke out survival by scouring the wastelands for salvage in your Mechs you’ll tackle the denizens of the wastes. These include bands of wastelanders, terrifying bio-titans, alien constructs and the powerful Corpos who still own the vast majority of resources within the land.  Will you find enough salvage to survive in the wastes or fall prey to its many dangers?

Salvage Union uses an innovative d20 system with a variable range of resolution and combines it with an evocative and customisable set of Mech and Pilot abilities. This works in conjunction with an easy to learn crafting system which allows you to customise your Mechs with additional Systems and Modules and craft new Mechs with salvage you find in the wastes.

As well as the core rules to run and play Salvage Union the Quickstart includes -

  • 6 Premade Mechs 
  • 6 Premade Pilots 
  • A sample scenario ‘The Downing of the Atychos’ 
  • Salvaging rules to craft and modify your own Mech's as well as sample Downtime rules.
  • Additional Weapons, Systems and Modules for your Mechs. 
  • Additional NPC mechs, pilot and creature profiles.
  • A sample BIO-TITAN - Scylla. 
  • Guidance for The Mediator (GM) to create and run scenarios of their own.