Bastard King of Thraxford Castle - Digital Edition (PDF)

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Beware the Curse of Thraxford Castle my child. A Curse of rotted flesh borne from The Bastard King's slaughter of his kin. As the dawn rises so do the dead, to danse macabre. Do not step within 1,000 paces of that accursed place lest ye suffer their fate. 

Bastard King of Thraxford Castle is a macabre feudal adventure compatible with OSE and other D&D retro clones.

Inspired by medieval British history, old school D&D adventures such as The Lichway by Albie Fiore and hammer horror cinema.

The adventure includes a fully detailed map of the entire settlement of Thraxford as well as the eponymous castle itself, gross new monsters, bizarrely sickening treasures and an entire settlement of the dead to overcome. 

Will you survive or suffer the fate of the damned? 

Digitally Delivered via e-mail

Written by Panayiotis Lines

Art & Layout by Aled Lawlor

Published by Leyline Press