We Were Here First! Mech Chassis and Bio-Mech Compliation

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This is a compilation of all of the Mech Chassis currently revealed from the upcoming adventure module We Were Here First! for Salvage Union the post-apocalyptic Mech TTRPG.  These consist almost exclusively of Bio-Mecha Chassis, save for the daunting Bolza Impaler Mech.

If you're interested in pre-ordering this adventure you can do so with the link below, all pre-orders of the Salvage Union Core Book will get you immediate access to the PDF. 

Pre-Order Salvage Union.

The art on the following images was by Francesco Silva and the layout was by Chris Bissette.  


Scuttler Bio-Mecha (Data Scan Pending)

Scuttler Bio-Mecha Data Scan Pending


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