Salvage Union Mega Mech Monday

Posted by Panayiotis Lines on

For the last 30 week we've been revealing one of the 30 Mechs that's going to be in the Salvage Union Core book.

We've come to the end of that reveal and today we're collating every Mech in the core book for handy reference in this post.

If you're interested in Salvage Union you can download the free Quickstart here.

You can pre-order Salvage Union here

The game is currently scheduled for a digital launch at the end of March and a physical launch in Q3 of 2023.

Tell us what you think of all these Mechs! 

You can discuss them with the community in the Salvage Union Discord here.

Tech 1 Salvage Union Mechs


Tech 2 Salvage Union Mechs
Tech 3 Salvage Union Mechs
Tech 4 Salvage Union Mechs
Tech 5 Salvage Union Mechs
Tech 6 Salvage Union Mechs


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