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Salvage Union is a post-apocalyptic Mech tabletop RPG.

Set in a crumbling world similar to earth, you play as a group of salvagers who live upon a huge Mech known as a Union Crawler which houses your entire community. As you eke out survival by scouring the wastelands for salvage in your Mechs you’ll tackle the denizens of the wastes from raiders, to corpos to humungous bio-tians. Will you find enough salvage to survive in the wastes or fall prey to its many dangers? 

This open table game will work a bit differently to other games. 

One game will always run weekly at Thursday at 6 PM BST - 10 PM BST. 

These games will be run on the Salvage Union Discord and will require voice communications to play. ( )

Other games can be arranged by players and The Mediator outside of these times and if The Mediator (GM) is available they will run a session for the group.  

So even if you can't make Thursdays you may be able to play in other sessions.

There wont be a persistent group each play session, instead players will sign up to play on a first come first serve basis with a maximum of 5 players in a session. 

All other players will be put on a 'standby' list if someone drops. 

Players will all be part of a persistent Union Crawler that will explore the wastelands. New players joining will make a starting Pilot and Mech at Tech Level 1. Continuing players will get to play as their Pilot and Mech whenever they return.

All players will be able to draw from a shared pool of 'scrap', which is the games currency of sort, to build new Mechs and upgrade their existing mechs. 

The group may differ week from week but the Union Crawler and Mechs on it will stay persistent as you explore the wasteland. This means these games are easy to drop in and out of and you don't need to commit to a long series of sessions.

New players are welcome and all the rules will be explained to you during play.

Contact panny#1138 on Discord or e-mail for any further questions.

Interested? Sign up below. After sign up Panny, The Mediator (GM) will be in touch with you with further details.

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