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Mech Monday

Mech Monday is a weekly event where we ask the Salvage Union community to submit a Mech Pattern of their own design. We highlight them across our social media, discord, and newsletter, and our favourite gets a £10 voucher for our online store.

This week we want your most interesting builds for the Mule Mech. Submissions close on Sunday the 14th of July at 6 PM BST and we'll announce on Monday the 15th of July.

You can use any Systems and Modules in the Salvage Union Core Book as well as Rainmaker, False Flag, and We Were Here First! There is no Scrap limit or Tech Level limit, only your System and Module Slots. 

Each Mech Pattern needs the following:
  • Pattern Name
  • Pattern Description
  • System List
  • Module List
To submit:
ALL submissions must use the "Mule Mech Monday Template" you can download here.

You can submit in the following ways:

1. Post your completed build in the mech-monday-submissions channel in the Salvage Union Discord
2. Post your submission to tagging @salvageunion with the #mechmonday hashtag.
3. E-mail your submission to with the heading 'Mech Monday Submission.'

Final submissions deadline will be by Sunday the 14th at 6 PM BST
Any questions please let us know via e-mail.
All written Mech Monday Pattern submissions will be owned by their creators.